About Us

In times when purity is a rarity, Mack Bee9 emerges as a harbinger of hope for capturing the goodness of honey in all its pureness, just the way nature intended it to be. The brain behind Mack Bee9 is Mr Prasaad, an environmentalist and an avid Apiarist. A casual suggestion fr om a doctor friend about producing unadulterated honey acted as the catalyst for mastering the finer nuances of beekeeping. Kindled by an insatiable desire to know more, travels abroad and across the nation helped fine tune and perfect the knowledge required to lay the foundation for Mack Bee9.

Mack Bee9 commenced its operations in the hottest hot-spots of biological diversity, the picturesque Western Ghats. The farmers were exhaustively trained in beekeeping and encouraged to take it up as a gainful profession. Today, Mack Bee9 proudly boasts of pan-India operations. Collection centres are set up at the point of source.

In keeping with the underlying ethos of offering pure, unadulterated honey to its Customers, Mack Bee9 has on board an expert panel of scientists who set the standards for purity, ensure it and testify it.

Pure honey and its countless benefits are stored in elegantly designed glass bottles and exquisitely packaged in soft wood as an ode to its purity and goodness.

Club Bee9

Honeybees are nature’s pollinators and are known to pollinate major food crops of the world, roughly one-third of all that we eat. However, indiscriminate use of pesticides have killed many thousands of bees. Sadly, many die pre-maturely and their numbers are declining. The writing on the wall is ominous but, man chooses to ignore. Man forgets that killing bhooks for school uniforms https://writemyessayrapid.com/ees tantamount to killing ourselves.

Einstein categorically said “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man”.

Club Bee9 is an initiative of Mack Bee9 to create awareness about their dwindling numbers and the importance of saving bees through a process of education and engagement. Awareness programs are conducted on a regular basis in Schools and Colleges. Aim is also to encourage Corporate companies and individuals to take it up as a social and environmental responsibility.

The process is simple and the cost is low. All that is required is passion and commitment.

Mack Bee9 Panel

In keeping with its underlying ethos of offering pure, unadulterated honey to its Customers, Bee9 has on board an expert panel of scientists and doctors who set the standards for purity, ensure it and testify it. They are also actively involved in formulating various honey based medicinal and skin related products.
  • Dr. PLNG RAO
    Director of Mack Bee9
    Vice Chancellor
    Manipal International University Malaysia
  • Dr Deepak Mahadev Kasote
    Quality Assurance Scientist & Consultant for Food & Agro products
    He is a dynamic professional with around 10 years of research experience in Pharmacology, Food and Natural Product Chemistry, Health Care/ Nutraceutical Product Development and Value Addition.
  • Chef k. Thirugnanasambantham
    Vice Principal
    Welcomegroup Graduate School of Hotel Management & HOD- Department of Culinary Arts, Manipal University.
  • Sanjay V Pai
    Director of Mack Bee9
    Mechanical Engineer in Ramakrishna Ship Repair Pvt Ltd. He is very knowledgeable in his chosen field of expertise and has a commendable 23 years of work experience in the Corporate sector.
  • Col Virendra kumar
    Alumani of IIM Bangalore
    26 years in Army, 7 years in  MSD Animal Health. US Company
  • Andy Sengiah
    Producer & Director
    He is a producer and director of Metro channel Malaysia

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